At Cycle fit studio we use our knowledge of bio-mechanics and exercise physiology to understand the physical demands of modern-day cycling. This foundation of knowledge is applied alongside our clinical understanding of physical assessment to better understand the needs of the athletes we work with. Our bike fitting service marries the requirement for being comfortable with the demands of performance, to provide sustainability in the sport we all love. 

Bike fitting is the process of making an athletes equipment match their needs, improving the health and performance outcomes that are central to an individual’s cycling goals. At Cycle fit studio, we use our qualifications in the areas of  Sports Science and Health Science to deliver bike fit services that balance performance requirements with an individual’s physical condition.  

We use of  3D motion and Video analysis technology allows us to accurately quantify positional qualities and to provide consistent outcomes, in line with the positional requirements of an individual’s cycling discipline. Our knowledge of the bio-mechanical demands of modern-day cycling and the nature of cycling injuries, informs the selection of ergonomic equipment to support the achievement of an individual’s cycling goals.